Atom Town: artworks and writing about people places and technology by Gair Dunlop

Dounreay Atomic Research Establishment, on the North coast of Caithness, Scotland, is a sprawling monument to solidity, optimism and analogue

engineering. The intangible alchemies and sense of romantic science at its heart are trapped like amber in archive film and in its colossal structures.

Unprecedented access to the facility and to the UKAEA Archive at Harwell have allowed Gair Dunlop to explore the dream and the consequences of

high science in a remote community.


"Atom Town; life after technology" is an HD twin-screen projection, synchronised via Brightsign or Multiscreener. It is also available in single split screen HD format. It was featured in the "Monitoring" section of Kassel International Documentary festival, ISEA Albuquerque, VRC Dundee, Arts Catalyst London, and many other venues.