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EUROPE ENDLESS: a performance for bells by Gair Dunlop and Lucy Smith.

Europe Endless by Ralf Hutter of Kraftwerk is  a song of ambiguous devotion to a Europe of the imagination. Transcribed for handbells, it responds to a moment of profound identity crisis. It has so far been performed three times.

Firstly, in Spring 2019, in Balmerino Abbey, a Cistercian ruin from the 10th century.

Secondly, as a greenscreen studio performance at DJCAD, Dundee.

Thirdly, it was  was performed as a cleansing ritual on the 31st October 2019 ("Brexit Day") by:

l-r: Rowan Mitchell, Elena Cheltsova, Bethan Radcliffe, Elvey Stedman, Sine Dunlop, Sean Smith, Gair Dunlop.

Music: Ralf Hutter   (Kraftwerk)   Conductor and arranger: Lucy Smith


"Bell ringing is all about performance and communication within a landscape,

marking a human settlement through sound and the rhythm of the church, culture and seasonal year."  Lucy Smith


“Bells are the cue for celebration, mourning or warning. They connect people

with their time in a very meaningful way.”  Gair Dunlop