Atom Town: artworks and writing about people places and technology by Gair Dunlop



A feature on my wanderings among the Military Pastoral Complex is featured in the latest edition of the Modernist magazine.

Issue 39- KILLER- is guest edited by Alex Boyd and Linda Ross, and concerns animal experimentation zones, entropic bunkers, over-the-horizon radar stations and some of my RAF Coltishall work. Available from all good art distributors.


"Heavenly Bodies and the Devils Stone"(below) is a short film made by me and my daughter Sine, on the day of the years highest tide- Tuesday 30th March. An initiative organised by , it brought together artists from around the world to mark the Spring high tide, something we often overlook. I'm particularly delighted to have participated  alongside Marlene Creates, an artist from Newfoundland who has been a long-term inspiration and is now a friend.


Thirdly- I took part in a lively discussion on 'THURSO: ATOMIC TOWN' on Monday 6th June, with a great and thoughtful panel including Dr Linda Ross, Dr Magnus Davidson and Caithness legend George Gunn. Part of Architecture fringe, it will soon be made available online. Thanks to all participants!